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All of our delivery services are struggling with the volume that they are receiving at this time.  This may result in a delay with the delivery of your orders.

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Please don’t refuse damaged shipments! In order to provide you the quickest, most efficient service please don’t refuse damaged shipments from UPS / FedEx / Truck. Please accept the delivery, but sign for it as DAMAGED. Then contact us and report the damage. Keep the damaged shipment, as the shipping company will likely want pictures of the damage to process the claim. This is the quickest and most efficient way for us to resolve the issue and get you the parts you and your customers need.



We do our best to code Oversize items, so that you are aware for shipping costs. However, the coding comes from the OEMs and we are not always provided with up-to-date, accurate information. That being said, some Oversize items will not be coded. Please be aware that things such as tubs, drums, cooktops, etc. are most likely Oversize, even if we do not have them coded as such. You can check for the Oversize coding by clicking directly on the part number and viewing the description on the page for that part.

Due to changes in core handling by Whirlpool, all returned cores must be in the original box, along with the invoice number or a copy of the invoice.